Siurgus Donigala

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Siurgus Donigala lies in the north-eastern part of the region Trexenta and is situated on the border between the Provinces of Cagliari and Nuoro. Its territory, crossed by several torrents, is plunged into a thick Mediterranean vegetation of mastic trees, arbutus, downy oaks, holm oak groves and cork oaks.

Visiting the up-built area it’s possible to have an idea of the fusion between the original towns, which once were autonomous: Donigala facing the northern mountains and the bastions and Siurgus facing the south-eastern towards the gently hills typical of the morphology of the region Trexenta.

In the up-built area it’s possible to visit the Church of Saint Teodoro, built between XVI and XVII century on a pre-existing byzantine building, and the nuraghe Su Nuraxi, which raises very near to the church. It’s very charming the Church of Saint Maria Donigala as well, with gothic marks, built in the first half of the XVII century, probably on a pre-existing church dated back to the early Christian or byzantine era. 


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Carabinieri: V. Giovanni XXIII,5070989722

What to see: 

There are 2 important nuraghes in Siurgus Donigala: Nuraghe Parrochia (1300 B.C) situated in a pretty square of the centre of the town, and Nuraghe Nuraxi on the hills.
The territory is mainly mountainous and characterized by a thick Mediterranean vegetation of mastic trees, arbutuses, downy oaks, holm oak groves and cork oaks. Not far from the built-up area there is the Mulargia Lake, an artificial lake created in the 40’s, where it is possible to go canoeing, kayaking, fishing and going by boat in beautiful creeks, hugging the cost, slogging up the wild green paths into a wonderful landscape.
The parking bay on the lake has been recently equipped with slipways for boats, a wharf, lightning and viewpoints. Furthermore it’s also possible to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake making an excursion with a ferry.



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