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Exceptionally striking landscapes, a wild land where the lakes are like shiny jewels nestled in the mountains.
In the Lakes' Land, the nature reveal itself through unexpected and striking landscapes: a real hikers' paradise. We will accompany you in the various trekking paths, to discover the nature, the waterfalls, the caves, the forests, the plateaus, the canyons and the hills, always with a special consideration for the history. But there's more.  Starting from the lakes Mulargia, Flumendosa and Is Barrocus, through the mountains and forests of Barbagia, up to the cliffs of Isili, renown in the island for free climbing, tha landscapes transforms and the outdoor activities multiply.
On the Flumendosa lake you can choose the boat excursion, ideal to admire the landcape, or experience the water sports like canoeing, game fishing or wakeboarding, a mix of water ski and snowboard.



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The Consortium was established with the aim of promoting the territory and the companies of Sarcidano and Barbagia of Seulo, and of programming actions for the integrated development of tourism industry. The Consortium gathers 12 municipalities (Orroli, Nurri, Siurgus Donigala, Goni, Serri, Isili, Nurallao, Esterzili, Seulo, Sadali, Villanovatulo, Escolca) and 14 private associates...