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The territory of Serri represents a mix of the main features of the region Sarcidano: environment, landscape, culture and history.

The economy of the town is mainly based on sheep-breeding. Serri was found around the church of Saint Basilio the Great, which was built in Romanesque-Pisan style in 1100. It is said that the inhabitants of Serri were from Biora originally.

This town, situated at the bottom of the valley, was struck down by an epidemic, which forced its inhabitants to escape and seek refuge in the upland of Serri, that used to be a forest of cistus. It’s in that occasion that the first houses of the town were built, giving birth to Serra, which after turned in Serri. 


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What to see: 

The main attractions of Serri are the Church of Saint Basilio the Great, which shows wooden altars in baroque style, and the Nuragic Acropolis of Saint Vittoria situated on the Giara, an upland typical of this region of the island.
The archaeological site of Saint Vittoria was found in 1907 and it is considered by many experts one of the most unique ancient settlement in the Mediterranean area. Next to the civil part it is possible to visit the Sanctuary. It was a meeting point for one federation of the Sardinian nuragic community. For that reason Saint Vittoria represents a peaceful place, a neutral zone where it was forbidden to make and talk about war.

The third Sunday of May and the third Sunday of September are dedicated to the Fest of Saint Lucia. This event is in conjunction with the Cattle Market Fair, which lasts one day and is a mix between religion and business.

On 11th September Saint Vittoria is celebrated with songs and balls at the rural sanctuary at the homonymous archaeological site.



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The Consortium was established with the aim of promoting the territory and the companies of Sarcidano and Barbagia of Seulo, and of programming actions for the integrated development of tourism industry. The Consortium gathers 12 municipalities (Orroli, Nurri, Siurgus Donigala, Goni, Serri, Isili, Nurallao, Esterzili, Seulo, Sadali, Villanovatulo, Escolca) and 14 private associates...