Santuario Nuragico Santa Vittoria

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The nuragic sanctuary of Santa Vittoria, deep in a highly interesting natural habitat, dominates the surrounding area of the Giara of Serri, from the top, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the variegated landscapes of Sarcidano, Trexenta and Marmilla.

The archeological complex, situated. At about 670 m above sea le le, stretches throughout the South-western side of the basaltic plateau.

This area has been inhabited since the beginning of the Nuragic Civilisation in 1500 B.C. From the late Bronze Age to the Iron Age ( 1100-900/800), this place had turned into one of the Nuraghic religiousness.In fact the gods of the Nuraghic pantheon, worshipped in the various temples of the sanctuary,acting probably as guarantors for commercial,cultural and ideological exchanges not only among the people of the Island but also from the mainland.

The sacredness of the place lasted until the Christian Era, as the construction of the little church which has a probable Byzantine plan and is devoted to Santa Vittoria or Santa Maria della Vittoria, attests.The saint who gives her name to the site is celebrated by masses, pilgrimages and festivals every year on 11th September.  In the large archaelogical complex it is possible to observe the evolution of the Nuragic Civilisation. The passage-like nuragh is attributed to the Middle Bronze Age (1600-1100 BC).In the recent Bronze Age (1300-1100 BC) the "classical" tholos nuragh was built, which absorved the pre-existing protonuragh.Between the final Bronze Age and the first Iron Age (1100-900/800 BC) serveral structures were built : the "Sacred Well, the "Sacred Road", the big "Festivals' Enclosure", the "Hypaetral Temple" , the temples in antis ( the "Chief's" hut and the "Priest's" hut, the large assembly hut (the "Curia") and the settlements, (the "Double Baetylus Hut"),the improbable "Torture Enclosure", etc. 

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